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Trusted by thousands, Valid  Documents is your online resource to order birth certificates in a safe, secure, and private environment. Valid Documents  is a private birth certificate expediting service and not a government agency. We make the birth certificate ordering process fast and easy.

Well, having a valid birth certificate is mandatory in order to obtain many crucial documents and services, including- driver’s license, passport, court processing, retirement, employment and various others. With us, get No Hassle experience and overnight delivery! We are here to help you with everything to meet your overall requirements and get you out of the trouble. With us, you can buy Passports, resident permits Visas, Drivers license, New ID Cards, Marriage certificates, Academic Certificates and many more

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Because we are not a government agency, we make the process of ordering your birth certificate simple and painless. Benefits of our service include:

  • Simple 5-minute process to birth certificate request assistance service: No research or government headaches required
  • Faster processing: We file directly with processing agencies, which saves you wait time and expedites the ordering process.
  • Live assistance and open communication: Our team is here if you need help or have questions. We respond to all support tickets within an hour
  • Error checking and review: Our experts review each order to ensure smooth, efficient processing.
  • With us, there’s no hassle. We make it fast, easy, and painless for you to request a birth certificate. You get the picture.

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We are experienced and can help you with a new certificate for over 37 countries. You just let us know which Country/State Birth certificate you want so that we can publish the same details on the certificate and help you to get a  fresh and legal document will work everywhere without any hassle. If you are looking for the same or other documents, feel free to connect with us for ultimate solutions.

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Awesome job! Thanks guys for everything! I would recommend you highly. John Taylor
John Taylor
Thank you so much for the service. I received the birth certificates yesterday. GREAT service!
Mary Geurrero
I just received my son's birth certificate. That was amazingly quick!!!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help
Shetal Datta

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