5 Reasons Why You Need A Fake ID

5 Reasons Why You Need A Fake ID

The United States is one step ahead in every aspect that relates to the safety and better lifestyle of its citizens. However, some of the laws in America have always been at the receiving end of critics and general audience. So, when the Drinking Age Act was passed by the congress in 1984 most of the residents in the US opposed and called it brutality. The law however states that these steps were taken to save precious lives from unwanted accidents and people who couldn’t control booze. The youth has never accepted this law in full consideration and they still believe it is impossible for an adult aged over 18 years to stay away from drinking alcoholic beverages. In fact, most of the college communities do not even know about this. Do they follow these restrictions?

Stats provided by (National Institute of Alcohol Abuse)

That is one question the government still does not know the answer to. The recent surveys and stats suggest that the parents have very less influence on whether or not their children will drink alcohol. In fact, alcoholism is at its peak in the US and the percentage of young adults aged between 16 and 18 years has increased significantly to 20% in the year 2018 alone. That means that the underage drinking laws are not stopping them from acquiring liquor.

  1. The very first reason why a teenager wants to buy a fake form of identification is because they want to taste that Irish beer. If you are craving for the best cocktails and drinks and fond of taking pleasure from the nightlife of casinos and crowded concerts, then that is one of the most frequently considered reasons to avail a fake id. If you are not 21 then it is most likely that you will not get an entry to some of the best restaurants in your town. So, instead of depriving yourself from these pleasant entertainment opportunities teenagers go online and buy fake documentation to give themselves a chance to trick the restaurant ID checking employee or the Bouncers at a bar and get in.
  2. Most of the kids will use a fake id if they are to take their girl on a date. That is correct! Because, every under-age man wants to look cool during their relationship with a woman and if you have the ability to grab a drink or two for your girl then why wouldn’t you want to take that opportunity? So, the stats also suggest the same.
  3. In 2017, Facebook was often criticized for their ability to stop impersonation attempts and most people complained how people registered fake accounts in their name and used them to misguide their followers. In 2018, Facebook introduced a new verification strategy for accounts sign up process. This required every account holder to verify themselves through a Driver’s license or state ID with Facebook in order to get their account activated. This increased the use of digital fake ids in the market and many people who are in the business of using fake accounts to get promotions and other stuff will need fake id cards to become verified with Facebook.
  4. Pranks are becoming one of America’s integral teenager culture. If you have a friend and you want to surprise him with a novelty identity  then why not use a fake id website? In the US every one out of ten teenagers will use a prank scene with their friends to scare them out. However, the term ‘novelty’ and ‘fake’ differ in their meanings. A fake id is that which is purchased by a person for the purpose of identifying themselves as a specified group or entity. The novelty ID is used for fun and occasional purposes.
  5. One of the notorious reasons on why people need fake id is identifying themselves as some one else. We have often seen instances where people use a counterfeit form of license to open a Bank Account or stole important information of a person by identifying themselves as another person. It is strictly prohibited and most States have implemented stricter laws to punish any wrong-goers. There are fake ids in the market with indistinguishable features from the actual licenses and they are starting to come from China. The US is very stern on production of these cards and many of the fake id shops that operated domestically have been raided and closed.

So, that are the five reasons why we believe some one should buy a fake identification document. If you have any other suggestions to share with me please do not hesitate.

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